The 914-6 GT race car was based upon the 914-6. Porsche produced around 400 914-6 GT kits with a six-cylinder 2.0L race-tuned 200hp engine.

Starting with a no-rust, low mileage 914, we incorporated many of the 914-6 GT modifications to create a street tuned 914-6 GT replica. Our car is powered by a 2.2L S specification engine.

This is a special engine lid cover that is cut out for more air flow. It replicates the 914-6-GT engine lid from the factory kit.

See more of this 914-6 GT on Flickr.com

See more of this 914-6 GT on Flickr.com

Emulating the endurance racing oil-cooling system, these custom made oil lines plumb oil from the engine to the front oil cooler.

Here is the new front suspension system including components of the upgraded braking system.

The stock rear trailing arm (above, left) is fitted with a reinforcement plate (above, right) that is welded into place (left). The result is a stiffer body and better cornering.

To match the engine’s power, Porsche brought up the entire car’s performance and style through many well-placed modifications. These include:

  1. body widening flares at all four corners

  2. better braking system

  3. stiffening plates welded into the chassis

  4. wider wheels and tires

  5. improved suspension (borrowed from the 911)

  6. lightweight hood, trunk lid, rocker covers

  7. improved air ventilation to the engine