1974 Porsche 911 Targa

Well-mannered performance and bold lime green color are the halmarks of this Targa

This 1974 911 Targa was its owner's prized possession. But unfortunately, at the time he passed away, the car wasn't in a drivable condition. His widow contacted Terry Worick Restorations to see if the car her husband loved could be brought back to the road.

When brought to Terry Worick Restorations, this 1974 911 was very well preserved and highly-original. Because of this, and the unique factory color Lime Green, the decision was made to restore it to its deserved condition. Fortunately, the car was in much better condition than many of the cars TWR commonly restores: The car was completely in original paint (never any paint work), the majority of the interior was in useable condition, and the underside of the car was virtually rust-free. All of the factory systems were completely intact and the car had not been altered from stock. Most of the components were original factory components or equivalent replacement parts.

The reason the car had stopped running was quickly found to be a failed ignition module. A new CDI unit, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, and set of points had the car running in no time.

After some driving, an engine issue was discovered that would need some some serious attention. When driven hard, the car's exhaust would contain blue smoke, indicative of burning oil. After a compression test and a leak down test, the number 6 cylinder was found to be leaking 50%, whereas all other cylinders tested above 97%. Upon complete engine tear down, a unique and interesting cause was discovered. On the #6 cylinder, all three piston ring gaps were perfectly lined up on the bottom of the piston as it would be installed in the engine. This was allowing a large amount of both compression and oil to pass by.

A basic full rebuild of the engine was performed. It was largely in very good condition so it did not have any serious problems. During the rebuild process, all of the external engine fasteners were sent out for a fresh zinc plating. The cylinder heads were completely reconditioned with new valves and guides. The engine was upgraded to pressure-fed chain tensioners. The CIS system received a cleaning, new gaskets and seals, and new Bosch injectors. The system was tested and adjusted and is in good working order. The result is a fresh engine that works extremely well and should be trouble-free for years.

Because a great running engine should power an all-around great car, new Bilstein shocks and struts were installed all around, as well as Maxlite Fuchs replica wheels and a new set of tires. The braking system was overhauled and new rotors installed. Any rust on the car was repaired and all exterior surfaces were completely repainted in the original matching factory color.

Terry Worick Restorations addressed the necessary issues on this car to bring it back to excellent condition, and the car now runs and drives like new. In terms of originality and overall condition, this may be one of the best 1974 911 cars in the country.

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