This is a rust repair done above the horn grille hole. These cars tend to rust right there because dirt gets inside.


1964 Porsche 356SC Cabriolet

Location:  Lincoln, Nebraska

Layout:  rear engine, rear drive.

horsepower:  95 Hp

location of manufacture: Zuffenhausen, Germany

When we got this car, it didn't appear to have a lot of serious problems. But the paint that was new 20 years ago was now beginning to show its age. There were some problems with the body. Rust was bubbling through on the hood.

The shiny part to the left is the replacement rear seat pan. I fabricated it by forming the metal with a tool called an English wheel.

Here is the car after we had removed all the paint from the exterior and before we had the underside and the interior compartments media blasted. We are preparing to spray it with some epoxy primer to keep it from flash rusting.


The exterior of the top of the hood was pretty rusty. Note the pin holes within the red line.

We solved the problem by slicing off the front part of the hood, building a mold of it, forming a new piece of sheet metal over the mold and welding it into place. I like a nice weld that can be finished cleanly in metal and doesn't need a lot of filler to cover the seam.

Here’s the car as we started to reassemble it. We did the dash, the luggage compartment, the windshield and the gas tank. We made some electrical repairs to the headlamp and park light wiring to get those systems working again. The bumpers, horn grilles and weather stripping all came back into place.

The engine, transmission and suspension have been put in by another shop. It came back to us to put some minor things into place. We installed the floor mat, the internal door components and things like that.

See more of this Porsche on Flickr.com

See more of this Porsche on Flickr.com